Social entrepreneurship labs for women NEETs in a post-COVID era


The project WENEETlabs seeks to address key competencies such as entrepreneurship, digitalization and connect young NEET women them with employers that support and practice social entrepreneurship around the EU.
The approach followed, aspires, on the one hand, to develop skills that are fundamental for the labor market in the 21st century, while on the other one, establish networks between young female job-seekers and existing social entrepreneurs.

Our aim

We aspire that WeNEETlabs will have an equal impact on each of the participating NEET women as creation of knowledge about work and employment opportunities with solutions to actual societal and economic challenges.

Work Packages

WP 1

WeNEETlabs Project Management:

At the initial stage of the project, the partner countries prepare all details needed for smooth cooperation and a guaranteed realization of the project.

WP 2
WeNEETlabs Methodology: The project will start with desk and on-field research country on social entrepreneurship and youth unemployment after the outbreak of COVID-19 for youth workers.
WP 3
WeNEETlabs Implementation: The development of an educational game and portal where education will focus on upskilling the youth NEET women and will come with an operation manual.
WP 4

WeNEETlabs Piloting:

Young NEET women will be invited to participate in a Piloting Workshops on the educational game and portal.


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